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80 Bitcoins for sale! limited stock

Selling #bitcoins > 80 btc @ 1040 MYR each, prefer 1 shot (MYR 83200) #malaysia. Hurry! Only accepting MYR (instant transfers) PM me at [email protected] or cell +60123038472 on Whatsapp or the Telegram app (@colbertlow)

Keep your bitcoins safe – safe storage management

When I hear about scams and frauds throughout the crypto industry, I cringed in my seat. 1. Bitpay lost 5000 bitcoins (USD 1.8 million) last December 2014 (source) when fraudsters obtained email credentials for BitPay CFO Bryan Krohn. Despite having their bitcoins in a multi-signature wallet, CEO Stephen Pair and executive chairman Tony Gallippi proceeded…