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Arsyan Ismail – CEO of 1337 Tech and supports bitcoin

By on January 16, 2014

arsyan ismail

It’s pretty refreshing to find a new Bitcoin supporter in Malaysia and it’s none other than Arsyan Ismail, the CEO and Founder of 1337 Tech. I used to pass by the 1337 Incubator office in Cyberjaya as my friend worked nearby. Guess I’ll be meeting Arsyan soon to discuss on how to promote the usage of Bitcoin to the merchants/general public in Malaysia!

Wish us luck.

When asked for his thoughts on the controversies and debates surrounding crypto-currencies such as bitcoins, Arsyan said that everyone has their own opinion and are entitled to make their own prediction.

For him, cryptocurrency is a new thing, the kind of ‘new tech’ that will come once in our lifetime.

“And because of this, I wouldn’t want to miss the boat; I predict that this is going to be huge and the value of Bitcoin is going to skyrocket. There are so many ways to predict what the future of Bitcoin is going to be. No one can get it right, because nobody has gone through this before.

“Some economic experts might be able determine what Bitcoin’s future is going to look like, so you might want to listen to them as well. But in my opinion and understanding the inner workings of it, Bitcoin will catch on … so either join us, or don’t join us … it’s up to you.” he added.

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