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By on January 20, 2016

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Year 2016 is going to be an awesome year for Bitcoin!

  • Adil Siddiqui

    Bitcoin has crossed 5k great spike

  • Sam Rowe

    If any of you havent looked into ExchangeN $EXN yet, now is a better time than ever.
    ExchangeN is an Altcoin Cryptocurrency exchange for your mobile phone. its currently under development, with 60% of the project completed, and project fully completed and live within the next 2 weeks.
    ExchangeN in an erc20 token, with an extremely low 5 million circulating supply and and 10 million total supply.
    Features: – Exchange
    – Wallet
    – User Friendly Graphical View
    – Account balance
    – Customer Support
    – SSL- security
    – Intellectual anti-fraud system
    – Two-factor authentication system
    – Order history
    – Efficient Matching Algorithm
    – Email confirmations
    – Live Chat
    – User tickets

    $EXN is being traded at a low 400sats on Hitbtc and Etherdelta, and is pushing to be listed on Coinexchange and Cryptopia, before the exchange goes live. for $EXN to hit $1 the market cap would have to be a ridiculously low $5million, and at that this coin is still undervalued.
    this is your chance to make some EPIC gains. if you buy in at 400 sats by the time it hits 4000 sats you’ve made 10x ROI. do the math and always dyor. (just remember, blatant scam coins with the same circulating supply managed to hit 100k sats)
    for all the people calling “scam coin” i provide you with some leaked updates that even the ANN thread isnt aware of..
    thanks for your time and happy trading!!
    Progression as posted on ANN: RoadMap

    Info Website
    Bitcointalk ANN
    10% EXN to First Investors
    1% Air Drop
    40% Crowd Sell
    49% Adding on Exchanges and Marketing
    Adding On Exchanges
    Testing Website Script

    @everyone here is an updated discord channel for you to Join. The discord group is nearing 100 members now and are currently holding a competition of whoever can invite the most members by tomorrow will receive 400 exn