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Protip #1 – 23 June 2016

Protip #1 – 23 June 2016

By on June 23, 2016

Blockchain info app still using 0.0001 BTC fees? Better upgrade your app to enable dynamic fees (current version 6.1.22)

Berita Bitcoin 17 June 2016

By on June 17, 2016

1. IMF Senior Economist Sees Bitcoin and Blockchain Helping Banks;

2. How a 3-D Printed Building Became the Center of Blockchain in the Middle East

3. Bitcoin Price Passes $750 to Hit 28-Month High

CoinHako now live with Ringgit Trading

By on June 7, 2016

coinhako myr deposits

CoinHako, the Singapore Bitcoin Exchange has launched their MYR (ringgit) trading for Malaysian and Singapore residents. Now with one user account, you can deposit BTC/MYR/SGD and withdraw to Malaysia and Singapore bank accounts; now that’s a pretty nifty feature. They are currently using a Maybank bank account for MYR deposits.

On the other hand, Luno, the largest Bitcoin Exchange in Malaysia currently only allow users to withdraw to their country of origin. Hopefully Luno will change their policies to allow users to withdraw to both Malaysia and Singapore side since there are many Malaysians who are working in Singapore (estimated 350,000 according to some figures on the internet)



Digix DAO (DGD) tokens

By on May 3, 2016

Here are some exchanges that trade in DGD tokens:

  1. Gatecoin – Trade DigixDAO tokens (DGD) on Gatecoin with DGD/BTC and DGD/USD markets available.
  2. Openledger – trade in DGD/ETH


DGD is an Ethereum based asset that represents a portion of the DigixDAO. DAO token holders will receive a pro rated reward of DGX transaction fees on the Ethereum platform.


Bitcoin Company Circle Granted E-Money License in Britain, Partners with UK Bank Barclays

By on April 9, 2016

Congrats to Circle, the US based company for the big milestone in UK.

Bitcoin Company Circle Granted E-Money License in Britain, Partners with UK Bank Barclays

This enabled the Boston-based company to fast-track its way through the process of obtaining the license, making it the first digital currency company in the world to be granted an E-Money license.

While Barclays figures as Circle’s first big banking partner, the bitcoin startup has a big bank backing it up as an investor. In April 2015, Goldman Sachs was revealed as the lead investor in Circle’s funding round, one which saw the Bitcoin company raise $50 million.


Alt-coins and more – 21 March 2016

By on March 21, 2016

1. Congrats to the alt-coin bag holders who managed to cash out at the top. Coins like ETHEREUM (to USD 15), XEM, SJCX and MAID made significant jumps in Feb and March.

2. We have seen a lot of new scams coming into the crypto space in Yr 2016. Buyers and sellers – beware when trading over the counter (OTC). Newbies should just use trusted exchanges like BitX []

Jual, Beli, tukaran dan wallet bitcoin Malaysia – Bagaimana untuk membeli bitcoin di Malaysia

By on March 6, 2016

Bahasa Melayu :
Terdapat beberapa cara untuk mendapatkan bitcoin ,
1. Pelombong (Miner)
2. Sistem ganjaran daripada laman web (Faucet)
3. Membeli daripada platform dagangan (Buy from trading platform)
Hari ini kami akan menunjukkan cara bagaimana untuk membeli bitcoin daripada platform dagangan di Malaysia,
Coinbox adalah satu platform yang selamat dengan prestasi sekuriti yang telah terbukti berkesan sejak memulakan operasi sejak lebih 2 tahun lepas.
Coinbox menyediakan tempat yang selamat untuk membeli, menjual ataupun menukar bitcoin kepada Ringgit di dalam Malaysia dengan system sokongan 24/7.
Transaksi pengeluaran dan deposit disahkan dalam beberapa saat sahaja.

Langkah 1
Anda hendaklah mendaftar di laman web Coinbox. Sila pastikan daftar nama anda SAMA dengan nama di akaun bank anda.



Langkah 2
Log masuk ke akaun coinbox anda dan klik DEPOSIT MYR.



Langkah 3
Setelah mendeposit dana ke dalan akaun Coinbox anda, anda boleh mula membeli dan menjual bitcoin di platform dagangan Coinbox.



Ini adalah contoh paparan pasaran jual beli bitcoin di Coinbox.


Selain platform dagangan, Coinbox juga menyedialan dompet bitcoin (bitcoin wallet) dengan pilihan lapisan keselamatan dan pengurusan simpanan offline (cold storage management). Anda boleh menghubungi khidmat sokongan Coinbox pada bila-bila masa 24/7 melalui Livechat di atau emel ke [email protected]

+ Note: This is a paid post.