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Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

By on February 11, 2016

Wishing all readers a Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (year of the monkey). I have a feeling bitcoin price will rise pretty quickly after May 2016.


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By on January 20, 2016

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and PM me at @colbertlow or +60123038472

You can also contact Mr Ragu at @ragu21 or +601128186819

Year 2016 is going to be an awesome year for Bitcoin!


By on December 31, 2015

I am featured on THE EDGE MALAYSIA for Week 28 DEC 2015.




Scammer Md Apiz – 8 Dec 2015

By on December 8, 2015

We have a scammer on the loose.

His name is md apiz, cell +6014 3514 135, and he is using Kenneth’s photo and name to scam people.

Kenneth Lee said:
Someone scammer is using my profile picture to scam Btc trades. Please beware that I only have 1 and only account in telegram @anakinisme

Beware all.

Register for our online bitcoin class and we’ll show you how to avoid scams:


Bitcoin user lost 10 Bitcoins today! 5 DEC 2015

By on December 5, 2015


Another user lost 10 bitcoins (aboutMYR 15630) today. So beware!

SIGN UP my Bitcoin online course and prevent your bitcoin wallet from being hacked!

* Learn about proper bitcoin wallet management and security prevention protocols.
* How to avoid scammers on exchanges and forums.

5 December 2015, #hilang #hilangbitcoin

Reported cases so far, #hilang #hilangbitcoin

10 SEPT 2015 = User 1 (Mr S) lost 30 btc
17 NOV 2015 = User 2 (Mr F) lost 6.4 btc
5 DEC 2015 = User 3 (Dato A) lost 10 btc

Looking for shy Bitcoin Students

By on December 3, 2015

2014-10-31 23_14_33-photo109707136076982248-27may2014.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer

A lot of people ask me about Bitcoin on a daily basis.

Well I cannot be everywhere so I’ve came up with an online course (via Skype) that puts you through the basics.
Most importantly I share my knowledge on the dark side of the Bitcoin world where scammers are lurking everywhere.

The special price of MYR 390 is only for December 2015, sign up now!


* Learn about proper bitcoin wallet management;
* IT Security protocols.
* How to avoid scammers on exchanges and forums.
* The best Bitcoin wallets on Android and iOS.


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By on November 24, 2015

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